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Teachers for Kids was founded in 1986 in the former Peterborough County Board of Education by two teachers who believed that a little bit of help could make a lifetime of difference for a needy student. They were convinced that providing something as simple as a ball glove to a student who could not afford one could change that student's ability to participate, make friends, develop social skills and succeed at school. Since that time, TFK has provided over half a million dollars to help students participate in sports, trips, extra curricular clubs and teams, tutoring, and other activities. They also provide items necessary for students' social and emotional well being such as clothing, prescriptions, counseling, help to families dealing with serious illnesses, etc.



The Teachers For Kids executive committee is searching for new members!  We currently have a large number of retired teachers who have remained dedicated to the foundation and we need to bring some new KPR staff on board to keep the charity functional.







Meetings are just once a month during the school year.  What could be better than spending time with Bern?  Please contact us if you would like to help make a difference for students in need.  Please contact if you can join. 

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50/50 RAFFLE!

Get your tickets on our 50/50 fundraising raffle in support of TFK Northern Chapter!  Tickets are on sale via Rafflebox from May 15 to June 15.  On June 15th, one lucky TFK supporter will be on the way to stocking the fridge for summer vacation with our big cash prize.  The more tickets you buy, the bigger the cash prize!!  Similar raffles have awarded prizes over $15000!

 Good luck everyone!

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