What is Teachers For Kids?

Teachers for Kids was founded in 1986 in the former Peterborough County Board of Education by two teachers who believed that a little bit of help could make a lifetime of difference for a needy student. They were convinced that providing something as simple as a ball glove to a student who could not afford one could change that student's ability to participate, make friends, develop social skills and succeed at school. Since that time, TFK has provided over half a million dollars to help students participate in sports, trips, extra curricular clubs and teams, tutoring, and other activities. They also provide items necessary for students' social and emotional well being such as clothing, prescriptions, counseling, help to families dealing with serious illnesses, etc.


How to Help

You can help by volunteering on a TFK committee, serving as the TFK "Rep" for your school, helping out at one of our fund raisers or by donating to TFK.



Teachers for Kids Foundation has two chapters: the Northern Chapter (former PCBE schools) and the Southern Chapter (former NN&C schools). Both chapters work together to raise funds throughout the school year to help needy students succeed in school and experience once in a lifetime opportunities that they would otherwise never have.


Friday May 8th at the Stonehouse Hall (2195 Lansdowne St, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X4).

Please donate unwanted Christmas gifts, hand-crafted items, or items from local businesses that you have connections with.  Let's make this the biggest and best auction ever!

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